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How We Got Started

In 1997, o good friend asked me to speak to his health classes on Death and Dying. I told him "Yes, I'll speak to your classes. I called a funeral home to borrow a casket (a prop for the front of the room) to help set the stage. I spoke for 45 minutes about death. For most students, it was their first extended discussion on the subject. They had never discussed it at home. As they talked about death, their unresolved issues about mortality and grief came to the surface. This program is the result of that invitation to speak and the needs it uncovered. I started facilitating grief support groups in the school year 1997-98. Since then it has grown to many other schools.

How We Are Funded

GrievingTeens is funded by private individuals and businesses. We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Our legal name is YFCGRIEVINGTEENS and we do business as GrievingTeens Our Tax ID # is 27-4256935 Because of this funding model we serve the public school community as volunteers.

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