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What We Do

What is grief? 
Grief is a process that affects the whole person (physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually) and is a response to loss.
What is my responsibility?
This program chooses to see it in phases that have a task component for the griever. This means that you have a responsibility to work through your grief in order to overcome it. The following tasks below have been taken from J. William Worden's, Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy.

The tasks;

1. Accept the Reality of the Loss.

2. Work Through the pain of Grief.

3. Adjust to a World Without the Deceased.

A. External Adjustments

B. Internal Adjustments

C. Spiritual Adjustments Task v Emotionally Relocate the Deceased & Move on With Life

The Counseling

Principles for Grief Support Groups:

1. Help the Youth Face the Loss.


2. Help the Youth to Identify and Experience Feelings.


3. Assist in Living Without the Deceased.


4. Help Find Meaning in the Loss.


5. Facilitate Emotional Relocation of the Loss.


6. Provide Time To Grieve.

7. Help Them Understand what is Normal in the Midst of Loss.

8. Allow for Individual Differences.


9. Examine Defenses and Coping Styles.


10. Identify Pathology and Refer Grief Groups.

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