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Year End Focus

When it comes to grief. Everybody struggles. We at GrievingTeens are here to make that struggle nonexistent. We are trying to raise 75,000$ dollars by December 31st. to make sure that your grieving process won't hold you back in day to day activities. We have a donor who is willing to do a dollar for dollar match of up to five thousand dollars. This means for every one dollar you donate they will donate the same dollar amount.

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Your Gift Matters

Your gift will help those:


  • Struggling with grief 

  • Groups at all the local high schools

  • All ages who are struggling 

  • Giving thousands of individuals the attention that is needed when going through grief. 

  • And much more

Without your gift these things may not be possible.

We Understand

2020 has proven to be a very challenging year with many struggles, from financial, health, to severe depression. Due to COVID and its restrictions and closures we have not been able to work at our full capacity and donations for our continued work have been minimal. 

We understand how tough things are. My father passed away and he was in another state. My family and I weren't allowed to attend the funeral because of the restrictions that were set in place. I wasn't able to say my final farewell. I know that I am not the only person who went through this. We want to make sure that people will be able to receive the help they need. Not being able to say your final farewell is something that will be extremely difficult to continue your day to day.  

2020 is Crazy

Looking forward we are hoping to see restrictions lifted so that we may do what we do best.

 Just because we reopen does not mean that one's feelings or emotional state will disappear. There are so many people who suffer from loss, depression, and just life itself. But we look forward to getting back in the groove.

How to Help Today

If you have friends or family that suffer from grief. Please let them know that there are people out in the world willing to help. Our grief group is an amazing support system and can be a home for them. 

Any contributions you, friends, or family can make would be a tremendous help for our group and the lives we touch. We at GrievingTeens will be able to continue to help those through grief. 

Create a New Support Group

Grieving Teens is in most high schools in the desert, however not all of them. We would like to be in all high schools throughout the desert, we are slowly accomplishing this goal.    In order for us to do this we need your help by donating.

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